Chromebook Student/Parent User Agreement

Student Chromebook Use and Expectations

  • Chromebooks stay at school and are for school use only.
    ● Only use a school approved background.
    ● Profile image may be a picture of yourself or an avatar.
    ● Use your school email only.
    ● Lower the lid when the teacher is talking.
    ● Only use your Chromebook in the classroom, in a clear, flat space.
    ● Chromebooks are not allowed in the bathroom, locker room or during lunch.
    ● Use your Chromebook in the classroom when instructed to use it.
    ● Do not visit pages or documents that are not directly related to your assignment.
    ● Web browsing is for educational/school use only.
    ● School-approved games are allowed when teachers have given permission to play.
    ● Sound should be muted on Chromebook. Use of your headphones is permitted, when granted by teacher.
    ● In your classroom, carry your Chromebook with the lid closed using two hands.
    ● When moving between classrooms, place Chromebook in case, zipper and carry with handle.
    ● Do not place Chromebook in your backpack.
    ● Never throw, slide, drop or press hard on your Chromebook.
    ● No food or drinks allowed near the Chromebook.
    ● Sign out of your Chromebook and shutdown at the end of each day


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Chromebook Student/Parent User Agreement

Part One:
Student Information Please complete the boxes below to identify the student and their assigned device. Signing indicates you have read and understand the Chromebook policies:

Student Name: _______________________________
Grade: _______________________________
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Parent Name: _______________________________
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Chromebook Student/Parent User Agreement
Part Two:
Website & Social Media Guidelines
Think before you act because your virtual actions are real and permanent!

Student Initials Information Parent Initials
Be aware of what you post online. Website and social media venues are very public. What you contribute leaves a digital footprint for all to see. Do not post anything you wouldn’t want friends, enemies, parents, teachers, future colleges, or employers to see. (THINK, Is it True, Helpful, Inspiring, Necessary, Kind?)
Follow the school’s code of conduct when writing online. It is acceptable to disagree with other’s opinions; however, do it in a respectful way. Make sure that criticism is constructive and not hurtful. What is inappropriate in the classroom is inappropriate online.
Be safe online. Never give out personal information, including, but not limited to, last names, phone numbers, addresses, exact birth dates, and pictures. Do notshare your password with anyone besides your teachers and parents.
Linking to other websites to support your thoughts and ideas is recommended. However, be sure to read and review the entire website prior to linking to ensure that all information is appropriate for a school setting.
Do your own work! Do not use other people’s intellectual property without their permission. Be aware that it is a violation of copyright law to copy and paste other’s thoughts. (Plagiarism) It is good practice to hyperlink to your sources.
Be aware that pictures may also be protected under copyright laws. Verify that you have permission to use the image or that it is under  Creative Commons attribution.
How you represent yourself online is an extension of yourself. Do not misrepresent yourself by using someone else’s identity.
Online work should be well written. Follow writing conventions including proper grammar, capitalization, and punctuation. If you edit someone else’s work, be sure it is in the spirit of improving the writing.
If you run across inappropriate material that makes you feel uncomfortable or is not respectful, tell your teacher right away.
Students are not allowed to change any Chrome settings without teacher permission. Only tool/apps setting changes are allowed.
Students will have access to YouTube. They are expected to use it for school provided/related links only.