! Nos estamos mudando! We Are Moving!

Saint Thomas More empezará a mudarse a las nuevas instalaciones (1420 Harvey Street. Green Bay) a partir del día 27 de Junio del 2018.

Si necesita ayuda entre el día 27 de Junio al 15 de Julio del 2018 puede contactar a la oficina de GRACE al teléfono (920) 499-7330 o bien enviar un correo electrónico.

El teléfono de St. Thomas More estará de nuevo disponible a partir del día 15 de Julio del 2018.


Beginning June 27, St. Thomas More School will be moving to our new school site at 1420 Harvey Street, Green Bay.

If you need assistance between June 27-July 15, please contact us via email or call the GRACE office at (920) 499-7330

The St. Thomas More School phone number will again be operational on July 15.

Certificates of Achievement



Perfect Attendance



Students received certificates of achievement in three area after mass on May 23.

High Honors – GPA 3.5-4.0

Honors – GPA 3.0-3.5

Perfect Attendance

Congratulations Students!


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God’s Love

Kindergarten students learn about Jesus and how he lived.  They learn that Jesus is a sign of God’s love and that God asks us to be a sign for others.  During free time, friends work together, cooperate, and share to complete a floor puzzle, showing God’s love for one another.  Way to go Kindergarten!


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Tornado Awareness

April: Tornado Awareness month! Here in 7th Grade Social Studies we are observing a Geotube lab where we made our very own tornado. We are experimenting with trying to get the glitter to go different directions and what happens to the glitter inside the tornado’s vortex when it is spun slowly or super fast. We had many discussions about the community’s safety during tornado warnings and even designed posters for our school to remind students exactly what to do in the event of a tornado.


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Golden Apple Recognition


Congratulations Mr. Zwicker, our science teacher, as a recipient of the 2018 Golden Apple Teacher of Distinction Award. We are proud of his achievement.

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